Left Handed Gibson EDS-1275 and Left Handed Epiphone G-1275

A Brief Word About Left Handed Gibson Double Neck Electric Guitars and Left Handed Epiphone Double Neck Electric Guitars

I see a lot of people stopping by my site looking for information on either a left handed Gibson EDS 1275 electric guitar or a left handed Epiphone G 1275 electric guitar. In the last paragraph on my article on the two guitars (click on the link in the sub-heading to read it), I lament that there are no left handed versions, at least to my knowledge. As far as I know, if you are a lefty, you'll need to buy a right handed version of either guitar and convert into in a left handed guitar. Click here to read my article on how to play a right handed electric guitar left handed.

UPDATE (4/9/11): Evidently Gibson did have a small production run of a left-handed EDS-1275 several years ago, but practically kept it a secret. They are out there if you can find them.